Ellie turned 11 months old on Monday, & I can hardly believe we are just 1 month away from her 1st birthday! Ellie’s 11th month included pulling up on everything, laughing, waving at everyone she sees, watching football with her Mama & Daddy, snuggling on the couch, & crawling all over the house! Ellie’s grown more this past month than ever. She is the happiest girl & brings us more joy than we ever imagined possible. We are definitely soaking up every moment of this final month before she turns 1!! A few of our favorite moments this month were having play dates with friends, learning to wave at Daddy & his team when they come onto the football field, the first day of fall, & having lots of fun at church!

Ellie loved helping us greet at church!

We love going on morning walks & being chased by Daddy!

Visiting Aunt Kels at her school!

Standing at the window is are our FAVORITE!!

We had such a fun play date with our friend Josie & her mom Reagan!

Just chilling in the yard watching Daddy hit golf balls…her crossed legs kill me!

We’re glad GiGi came to visit!

Ellie & Zeke really are best buddies!

Once she found the DVDS, they became her favorite toys haha

Our first of many future play dates with our friend Magnolia & her mom Abby!

The first time she waved at her Daddy coming onto the field…I was a puddle!

Our besties the Wagners are the most supportive friends & we are thankful.

We love the Coach!!!

Always at the window…

We are so thankful when we get to have Saturdays together as a family! On this Saturday morning, we laid her up on the couch cushions in a blanket, & she fell asleep immediately…the cutest!

On game days we wear orange & white…

Then change into our purple & gold!! Geaux Tigers!!

Celebrating our church’s 10th anniversary!

Love my girl!!

She literally stood at the top of the stairs shaking the gate…y’all she’s a mess!

Yay for the first day of fall!!!

We had to have a picnic outside to celebrate!

Ready to go on a TJ Maxx/Target run…

Our happy girl!!

We love Friday nights cheering on the Bruins!!

Celebrating Meme’s birthday!!

Bedtime reading with Daddy is the best!

We were standing at her closet looking for something for her to wear & I said “Ellie, what do you want to wear today?” and she kept grabbing this Tennessee shirt! haha!

Loved meeting our besties Karleigh & Stella for a cookie date at our fave The Whimsy Cookie Company!

Sundays with her are the best!

11 months old!!!

Our “laying down with the letterboard” photos are getting harder & harder since all Ellie wants to do is play with the letters & roll around ha!

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