Ellie turned 11 months old on Monday, & I can hardly believe we are just 1 month away from her 1st birthday! Ellie’s 11th month included pulling up on everything, laughing, waving at everyone she sees, watching football with her Mama & Daddy, snuggling on the couch, & crawling all over the house! Ellie’s grown […]

Ellie’s 11th Month

October 8, 2021


Ellie turned 10 months old on Saturday!! What a BIG month it’s been for our girl! She’s grown more than ever, & it’s been so bittersweet! Thankfully every single day just gets more & more fun! Ellie’s 10th month included crawling everywhere, feeling different textures, exploring every room in our house, mimicking sounds, taking naps […]

Ellie’s 10th Month

September 9, 2021


Ellie turned 9 months old last week!! This past month was so fun & full of sweet moments with our girl. She’s becoming more & more active every day!! (exciting but also terrifying haha!) It’s the best watching her grow & seeing her little personality shine!! Ellie’s 9th month included loving to move around all […]

Ellie’s 9th Month

August 10, 2021


Our girl turned 8 months old on Sunday!! I seriously cannot believe how quickly time is flying, but we are soaking up every single second!! It’s been SUCH a fun summer already full of lots of sweet moments. Ellie’s 8th month included loving avocado (and really any food!), squealing/screaming in excitement, snorting when she laughs, […]

Ellie’s 8th Month

July 7, 2021


Ellie turned 7 months old last week!! Time continues to fly, but life with her only gets better & better! We are LOVING this stage – she’s so much fun & just the sweetest. Ellie’s 7th month included lots of giggling, playing with Mama & Daddy, trying to grab everything in sight, rolling around, sitting […]

Ellie’s 7th Month

June 10, 2021


I cannot believe that our Ellie girl turned 6 months old earlier this week! This past month was FULL of so many fun moments. We are truly soaking up every minute with our girl & loving every stage with her. Ellie’s 6th month included sitting up by herself for the first time, eating (and loving) […]

Ellie’s 6th Month

May 7, 2021


Our girl turned 5 months old on Easter Sunday!! Life with her just keeps getting better & better! Ellie’s 5th month included lots of squealing & laughing, reaching for things, touching Mama & Daddy’s faces, smiling at Daddy, reading with Mama, rolling from her back to her tummy, going to church, seeing new places, & […]

Ellie’s 5th Month

April 8, 2021


Our girl turned 4 months old a week ago, & time is FLYING!! Ellie’s 4th month included playing outside for the first time (yay for spring weather), kicking her legs in the air constantly, trying to stand up when she’s being held, talking & squealing a lot, rolling over from her tummy to her back […]

Ellie’s 4th Month

March 11, 2021


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