We had SO much fun at Ellie’s 2nd birthday party with our family & friends!! The theme was “Ellie is TWO sweet” – the truest statement! Our girl is sweet, kind, & loving to everyone in her life. We are so blessed she’s ours!! Ellie had a blast eating her cookie cake, opening her presents, […]

Ellie’s 2nd Birthday Party

November 10, 2022


We seriously can’t believe that Ellie is TWO! Time has flown by so fast, but we have loved every second!! It’s been such a sweet & fun year getting to see Ellie’s personality really start to show! She is a mess, & we just love her!! You may remember Ellie’s 18th month blogpost where I […]

Ellie is TWO!

November 8, 2022


How is our girl already 18 months old?! It seems like yesterday I was writing her final “monthly” blogpost when she turned a year old!! I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up the monthly posts forever, so I decided to stop at 12 months old. BUT, I decided to do one big blogpost […]

Ellie is 18 months!

May 10, 2022


We had the absolute SWEETEST day celebrating our girl turning ONE!! Ellie’s 1st birthday party was truly a dream come true. Of course I had been planning it for several months, & I’m so thankful for how perfectly everything came together! I just wanted a party that was all about our girl, & it was […]

Ellie’s 1st Birthday Party

November 16, 2021


Today, our Ellie girl turned ONE!! It’s been the sweetest day celebrating our dream come true!! What a crazy, wonderful, exhausting, joy-filled year it’s been. I can’t believe it was a year ago today that we met our girl & everything changed. We’ve had our hard moments, & it’s been the biggest transition ever (of […]

Ellie’s 12th Month

November 5, 2021

Ellie 12th month


Ellie turned 11 months old on Monday, & I can hardly believe we are just 1 month away from her 1st birthday! Ellie’s 11th month included pulling up on everything, laughing, waving at everyone she sees, watching football with her Mama & Daddy, snuggling on the couch, & crawling all over the house! Ellie’s grown […]

Ellie’s 11th Month

October 8, 2021


Ellie turned 10 months old on Saturday!! What a BIG month it’s been for our girl! She’s grown more than ever, & it’s been so bittersweet! Thankfully every single day just gets more & more fun! Ellie’s 10th month included crawling everywhere, feeling different textures, exploring every room in our house, mimicking sounds, taking naps […]

Ellie’s 10th Month

September 9, 2021


Ellie turned 9 months old last week!! This past month was so fun & full of sweet moments with our girl. She’s becoming more & more active every day!! (exciting but also terrifying haha!) It’s the best watching her grow & seeing her little personality shine!! Ellie’s 9th month included loving to move around all […]

Ellie’s 9th Month

August 10, 2021


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