Our girl turned 4 months old a week ago, & time is FLYING!! Ellie’s 4th month included playing outside for the first time (yay for spring weather), kicking her legs in the air constantly, trying to stand up when she’s being held, talking & squealing a lot, rolling over from her tummy to her back for the first time, laughing more & more, making funny faces (of course), matching with Mama, & cuddling with her Daddy! Every single day with her is just the best!!

Ellie still LOVES doing bath time with her Daddy!!

First night sleeping in her Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – a gift from one of Dyl’s teacher friends & we are SO thankful! Ellie’s been sleeping through the night almost every night since around 2 months, but since we went from sleep sack to sleep suit, she has sleep through the night EVERY night! YAY!

It’s her little hand for me…

“Playing” outside for the first time & this girl was just chillin! She’s hilarious!!

Fingers in her mouth – ALWAYS! No more pacifiers for her!!

We are beyond thankful for my mom, Ellie’s Nae! I seriously don’t know what we’d do without her. She keeps Ellie during the day when I have photoshoots or need to get uninterrupted work done – we love her!!!

Dyl’s sweet family came to stay with us one weekend – Ellie loves her Papaw, Gigi, & Aunt Katie!! We opened up a couple of toys we had been given at her baby showers – a jumper & play center – and Ellie loved them! It’s been so fun watching her learn how to play with new toys!!

Ellie’s first Valentine’s Day!! Her sweet Daddy gave her her first flowers & I was a puddle…

We LOVE when Aunt Kels spends the night! I have a feeling Ellie has LOTS more sleepovers with Aunt Kels in her future!!

Winter storm WEEK! Yes – a whole week of Ellie having her Daddy at home with her all day…I think you could say she’s obsessed with him & I don’t blame her!! Temps got down to the teens several nights in a row – Ellie’s thinking “why are my parents so crazy?!” when we bundled her up in extra clothes to make sure she stayed warm!

We finally ventured outside for approximately 2 minutes to get some pictures with the ice!

Ellie’s first time watching LSU baseball with me! I grew up watching games with my dad & taking him to a game every year. Excited to carry on that tradition with Ellie & honor my dad by teaching Ellie to love LSU baseball, too!!

She always looks so adorable wearing her Daddy’s hats – he makes her laugh more than anyone!!

Ellie’s wondering “why does my Mama turn every moment into a photoshoot?!” It’s because I’m obsessed with you baby girl!!

Such a fun afternoon playing & reading outside!!

Another afternoon walk & then a selfie with Daddy when he got home from work!

The moments they share before he leaves for work for the day melt my heart…

She rolled over for the first time from tummy to back this month!! She isn’t doing it consistently yet – she’s so content just laying on her tummy holding her head up like this!!

LOVE my girl!!

We FINALLY got to go out to eat as a family of 3!! Ellie’s first time at a restaurant! We went to Mugshots for burgers & sat outside – such a fun night!

And we FINALLY got to visit with Gran inside her building instead of from outside her window!! Can’t wait for her to get to hold Ellie super soon!

4 month doctor’s appointment & shots! She handled them so well – she only cried for a second but stopped as soon as her Daddy held her! Funny story – I left her blanket in the car so after they took her measurements, I had to cover her up with her carseat cover…just had to laugh about it!!

Reality – wearing our pajamas almost every day all day!

But we do like to get dressed cute when we have errands to run or things to do! I’m having way too much fun matching with my girl!!

On the last day of Ellie’s 4th month, we finally got to take her to Dyl’s school & show her where he teaches & coaches! She met so many of our sweet CCS friends – they supported & encouraged us so much during my pregnancy so it was the best finally getting to introduce them to Ellie!

Ellie’s 4th month was just so much fun! I can’t believe another month has passed – but it just keeps getting sweeter with our Ellie girl!!!

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