Ellie turned 3 months old last week!! Ellie’s 3rd month included sleeping through the night (most of the time!), “talking” to Mama & Daddy, laughing & smiling all the time, kicking her legs, holding her head up during tummy time, & bringing us more joy than we ever imagined!! As bittersweet as it is that she’s growing so fast, every day with her is sweeter, & we are LOVING watching her become more active & expressive. She is our dream come true!

We love going on walks – ready for springtime so we can walk even more! The mornings where she’s this happy before Dylan leaves for work are the BEST!

She cracks us up!

“Watching” the Saints game with her Daddy! (don’t worry, we only let her “look” at the TV for the photo haha!)

Ellie’s first snow day!!!

Her “ocean” is one of her favorite places to play!

Ellie takes most of her naps in her crib, so when she falls asleep while I’m holding her, I DEFINITELY let her nap with me!! She got all dressed up for a day of errands!

She loves her brother! Her onesie says “my best friend has paws”!

Gosh I just love my girl!!

Ellie sleeps through the night most of the time, & sometimes she will wake up around 6 or 6:30am & just lay there calmly until we get her out of bed for her first feeding at 7am – she’s amazing!

Papaw & GiGi (Dyl’s parents) came to visit & Ellie loved wearing her Papaw’s hat!

Saturday morning cuddles with Daddy!

Celebrating my Poppa’s birthday…Ellie loves her Poppa & Meme!

Coffee & nap time with Nae!

Zeke came & laid next to her all by himself – I was a puddle!

Holding her head up so well!!

I love reading to Ellie before a lot of her naps! We were reading one of my favorite childhood books & she put her hand on top of mine. She melts my heart!!

Wearing one of my first baby outfits from the 90s & laying on my baby blanket!!

Ellie loves random photoshoots with Mama!!

Bathtime with Aunt Kels!

“Talking” with Daddy before bath time! She is going to talk ALL the time – wonder where she gets that from?! haha!

Her faces…the best! Telling Daddy bye before he left for work!

Playtime with her brother & then her 3 month photoshoot!!

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