Ellie 12th month

Today, our Ellie girl turned ONE!! It’s been the sweetest day celebrating our dream come true!! What a crazy, wonderful, exhausting, joy-filled year it’s been. I can’t believe it was a year ago today that we met our girl & everything changed. We’ve had our hard moments, & it’s been the biggest transition ever (of course), but we couldn’t be more grateful. The Lord’s faithfulness is on full display through Ellie’s life – we are just so honored that we get to be her parents!!

Ellie’s 12th month included getting into everything, smiling at & reaching for everyone she sees, eating any & everything, playing with her new kitchen, walking around the furniture, giving us kisses, & hugging her stuffed animals! A few of our favorite moments this month were going to Daddy’s football games, making fun fall memories with family & friends, Ellie’s first Halloween, & of course celebrating Ellie’s 1st birthday today!! Her birthday party will be this weekend, but we spent today together just the 3 of us & had the best day. I’m so thankful for my little family & truly will never get over the Lord’s grace that I get to be Ellie’s Mama!! Here’s all of our favorite moments from Ellie’s 12th month!!

One of her favorite “toys” is this photo of herself, it’s hilarious! She just loves to hold it & look at it haha!

One of my favorite photos of her EVER – she looks so grown & she literally stopped & smiled/posed for me…she’s the cutest!

Ready to cheer on our favorite coach at his last JV game of the season! Ellie loves her friend, Stella!

It was the CRAZIEST game! We came back from an 18-0 deficit at halftime to win 28-18! SO PROUD of our head coach & of course the team!!

After Dyl’s “gatorade shower”…always so fun!!

Friday Game Day walks are our favorite! Go Bruins!!

St. Joe Homecoming! We LOVE getting to see Dyl for a few minutes before the games!!

She can always count on her Daddy to share his candy with her haha

Gosh they melt my heart!!

Ellie has been loving going to the nursery at church! She’s been the only “crawler” during our service time, so they’ve been putting her in the “walkers” room & she has a BLAST! She is our little social butterfly & wants to play with any kids! I hope she always does!!

She loves Saturday cuddles with Daddy while Mama is shooting a wedding!

I’m proud of myself when I remember to pick up my “real camera” and capture just everyday life with our girl! She’s SO fun!! And a MESS! haha

I feel like I will always love watching her sleep!

Ellie loves snack time – really any time she gets to eat ha!

When Dyl had a free afternoon from football practice, we went to McClain & walked around the petting zoo, ate cookies on the porch, & had a blast as a family! Thankful for a little bit of celebrating fall in the midst of a busy season!!

For Daddy’s last home game, we had to put on our Hambick jersey from Aunt Kels that has Daddy’s old number on it – the sweetest!

Ellie’s first pigtails thanks to Aunt Katie!

She loves spending days with her Nae! Seriously wouldn’t have been able to make it this past year without my Mom – she watches Ellie on days I need to get lots of editing & work done, & Ellie has the best time with her!

Also thanks to my twin for teaching Ellie how to stick her tongue out – the funniest!!

Mornings with my girl…

When you go to your favorite store to look for bows & your Daddy buys you this instead…I’m not kidding, y’all!

Mexican family night – Ellie soft smiled at everyone who walked by our table & she ate an ENTIRE cheese quesadilla!

Her pointed toe kills me!!

Daddy’s regular season ended with a huge win over Park Place! So proud!!

We made a quick trip to Tennessee for our family’s annual Fall Fest! Ellie loved her ball pit from Papaw & GiGi!

These photos melt my heart! Ellie with her Granddaddy & playing with all of her cousins – they’re all 4 & under! It’s going to be a fun & crazy Thanksgiving week with this crew in the mountains!!

Our little pig all ready for her first Halloween! Her first animal noise was a pig noise, so of course we HAD to dress up as pigs!!

Ellie’s first hayride – she loves her Papaw!

Snuggling with Daddy watching the Tennessee game…

Ellie finally got to go to her Daddy’s home church & see where Papaw & GiGi work! She loved smiling at everyone from the welcome desk!!

We visited Daddy’s school’s Trunk-or-Treat – I think Ellie was like “why is all of this candy in wrappers?!”

Gosh I just love her!!

Me & Aunt Kels took Ellie to MC homecoming!! We had a blast showing her around our school!

Ellie’s first time trick-or-treating! We had a few friends over Saturday night & it was so fun!

Our little pumpkin!!

Y’all we have the SWEETEST neighbors! Our neighbor Nickie bought Ellie some Puffs as her Halloween happy, is that not the best?! We are so thankful for our friendly & thoughtful neighbors!!

Ellie came down with her first cold on Halloween morning – we took advantage of all of the snuggles!

The night before she turned one, we put her in her birthday pajamas, read her favorite book, & tried not to cry…

Then we took on our first “late night toy building” project! We were so excited for her to wake up to her very own kitchen!!

She’s ONE!!!

She played in her kitchen all morning, with a donut break of course! And yes she ate the entire thing!!

12 months old…I can’t believe this was our last monthly photoshoot, but these are some of my all-time favorites…

I cannot handle this…

Our happy happy girl!!

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