Ellie turned 9 months old last week!! This past month was so fun & full of sweet moments with our girl. She’s becoming more & more active every day!! (exciting but also terrifying haha!) It’s the best watching her grow & seeing her little personality shine!! Ellie’s 9th month included loving to move around all the time, standing up on the back of the couch, saying “Mama” constantly, playing with her brother Zeke, riding in her pink car with her Daddy, waving at everything & everyone, saying “nom nom” when she’s eating, & smacking her lips! A few of our favorite moments this month were our mini-vacation to Bay St. Louis, Ellie’s 2nd beach trip, getting to celebrate my birthday with my girl for the first time, Ellie learning how to pull up to stand, & visiting Daddy at his new school on his birthday!!

Ellie loves grits…and this is what happens when Daddy lets her feed them to herself haha!

“Working” with Mama!

She knows to smile for selfies…

Lunch with Aunt Kels & celebrating her new job as an assistant principal!!

We received this adorable car in the mail from one of Dyl’s former co-workers – the sweetest!! Ellie LOVES it!

A trip to Whimsey Cookie for Mama’s birthday called for a photo on the pink throne of course!

We started our second beach trip of the summer with a short stay in Bay St. Louis just the 3 of us! It was the best!!

Dyl LOVES The Blind Tiger so of course it was our first stop!

Ellie’s first stay in a hotel…she did so great & had a blast!

Wondering if Daddy was going to share his ice cream…

Headed to dinner! Love my little family (and Ellie’s big selfie smile!)

Finally at the beach with our Nae!! Ellie waved for the first time – and she waved at the ocean… it was the cutest thing ever.

Our beach-loving girl!

They are my faves!!

Dinner at The Gulf!

Family photoshoot time! It was HOT and Ellie did so great!

So thankful we got to celebrate our birthday at the beach again this year!! Love my twin!!

It rained most of the day sadly…but we made the most of it!

SO thankful for this photo!! Shout out to the best Katelyn Anne Photography assistant Kendall (who also happens to be my sister!)

Of course I had to do a mini-photoshoot of Ellie in the cutest outfit from Nae!

Dinner on the balcony for Nae’s birthday! Ellie LOVES watermelon & made a total mess haha!

Such a great week!! Love our family (wearing our matching Old Navy flag shirts like it’s 1999)

As soon as we get home from a trip, we always lay Ellie on the floor so she can roll around & stretch out! This is how we found her like 30 seconds later…our crazy girl!

Thankful that Ellie already loves looking at books!

The faces she makes while eating haha….priceless!

She somehow learned to pout & the immediately laugh at herself…we might be in trouble!!

My baby…love this pic after bath-time!

Daddy’s method for teaching Ellie how to crawl haha!

We loved having some of our cousins come to visit…Anna Claire was so sweet to Ellie even when Ellie wanted to pull her hair…bless it!

I walked around the car to get her out & this was the face she was making at me! She’s a mess!!

Her soft smiles are the sweetest!

This month Ellie started showing more & more interest in playing with her brother Zeke – precious!!

Daddy’s first day of fall football practice!! We are so proud of him & excited for this season!!

Some of my fave photos of Ellie are ones I take on just random days around the house…

She learned to stand up on the couch this month!!

So proud of my girl!! I joke that it looks like Ellie is napping in the second photo…I told her that I needed a nap, too ha!

Celebrating Dyl’s birthday a little early with our family in Tennessee! Ellie loves Mawmaw & Granddaddy!

We loved hanging out on Papaw & GiGi’s new porch!

Still loving bath-time with Daddy & her pink car!!

Daddy was back to school/at football practice on his birthday, but I got to make him breakfast & then me & Ellie took him Chick-fil-A for lunch! And of course we had to dress in St. Joe colors – Go Bruins!!

9 months old!!!

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