It was such a blessing getting to go on a cruise during Dyl’s spring break last week!! I usually have weddings on the weekends bookending his spring break, so when we realized we had a window without weddings during his break this year, we jumped on the chance to take a much needed vacation!! After looking into several options, we decided on a 5 day Carnival cruise to Costa Maya & Cozumel. We literally counted the days until it was finally time to drive to Mobile & board the ship!

I always feel like I have to take my “real camera” on our trips, so this time, I decided to leave the Canon at home & just use our phones for pictures, & it was the BEST decision! If you’re a photographer, you know even trips can feel like work when you get back home with hundreds of images to edit, so it was so nice to be able to do quick edits on my phone at the end of each day & still have all of our memories captured!!

One of my favorite things about cruising is that we don’t ever purchase the on-board wi-fi, so we get a week without phones, email, or social media. It is seriously always SUCH a much needed break & allows us to really enjoy our time together & not feel the need to work or post on social media while we’re away. I’m actually super happy with the quality of the photos we did take (iPhones are amazing haha!) & I wanted to put them all together in a blogpost so we can look back on our trip for years to come!

Some of my favorite highlights from our trip were getting to read 3 entire books (praise!), sitting at the back of the boat with an amazing view of the ocean, eating ALL the food (24/7 pizza & ice cream is both a blessing & a curse y’all), laying out on the most beautiful beaches, & spending a lot of uninterrupted time with my best friend!! So so thankful!!

March 21, 2019

Our Spring Break Cruise to Costa Maya & Cozumel

Anna & Mitchel

Mr. & Mrs. McDonald

Best of 2019 WEddings


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